Peoria Magazines Features Why Your Next Vehicle Should Be an Electric Vehicle

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In the News: John Farrell

March 2018 Issue

Media Outlet: Peoria Magazines

In the wake of growing awareness and prevalence of electric vehicles, the Illinois-based publication Peoria Magazines covered our six reasons to make your next vehicle an electric vehicle. Here are our contributions in the article:

John Farrell, who directs the Energy Democracy initiative at the Institute for Local Self-Reliance, offers six reasons your next car should be electric—from ILSR’s latest report on electric vehicles.

  1. For the fun of it. Electric vehicle motors provide more torque and acceleration than conventional gas-powered engines. Multiple EVs can now go from zero to 60 miles per hour in less than two seconds!
  2. To save money. Over 10 years, electric car owners will save $10,000 in lower fuel and maintenance costs—a figure that even incorporates the cost of buying a new battery.
  3. Going the distance. EVs now offer sufficient range to cover most daily travel. The 2017 Nissan LEAF’s 107-mile range covers 83 percent of daily trips taken by Americans, while the 240-mile range of the Chevy Bolt covers nearly all daily travel.
  4. Cut the maintenance. EVs have 100 times fewer parts in the drivetrain and lack many of the components that must continually be replaced in gas-powered vehicles. Among the 10 most common vehicle repairs in the U.S., none are needed in an EV.
  5. Lower pollution. Driving an electric car will reduce pollution no matter where it’s plugged in. EVs produce fewer emissions that contribute to climate change and smog than conventional vehicles.
  6. Luxury for less. Both electric and hybrid cars boast customer satisfaction ratings as high as luxury cars, with the Tesla Model S leading the way, followed by the Chevy Volt and Honda Accord Hybrid. iBi

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