One Year of Energy Self-Reliant States: Greatest Syndicated Hits

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Happy Birthday!I’ve shared the greatest hits on Energy Self-Reliant States from our first year, but we were honored to be invited to syndicate this blog at Grist, Renewable Energy World and CleanTechnica before the year was out.  With a bit of time to revise before we re-published, the top 10 Greatest Syndicated Hits list differs a lot from the list of ones our direct readers selected:

  1. Busting 4 myths about CSP and PV – (140 comments on Renewable Energy World)
  2. Cost of nuclear, not Japan crisis, should scrub nuclear power –  (78 comments on Grist)
  3. Want local communities to support wind?  Put them in charge. – (94 tweets from Grist)
  4. Value of solar far exceeds its cost –  (359 tweets from Grist)
  5. Concentrated solar power plants are all wet (the water use issue of concentrating solar power) –  (91 comments on Grist, 100 tweets from CleanTechnica)
  6. Local solar could power the Mountain West right now, all of America in 2026 –  (325 tweets, 29 comments on Grist; 1400 views and 140 tweets and 2,200 views at CleanTechnica)
  7. State Energy Self-Reliance Map – (2,300 views at CleanTechnica)
  8. Solving wind power variability with more wind – (85 tweets and 46 comments across multiple sites)
  9. New York City’s solar windfall illuminates America’s clean energy future – (over 100 tweets and 25 comments across multiple sites)
  10. Is the Bloom Box cheaper than solar? – (43 comments across multiple sites)
John Farrell
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John Farrell

John Farrell directs the Energy Democracy initiative at the Institute for Local Self-Reliance and he develops tools that allow communities to take charge of their energy future, and pursue the maximum economic benefits of the transition to 100% renewable power.

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