New York Seeks Proposals to Convert Fleet Vehicles to Plug-in Hybrids

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The New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) has issued guidelines for vendors to obtain funding under the New York State Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle (PHEV) Technology Initiative. The goal of the program is to accelerate the conversion of the state’s hybrid vehicle fleet (500-600 vehicles) into plug-in hybrids.

NYSERDA’s Program Opportunity Notice (PON) 1088 seeks proposals to provide funding for businesses to develop, test, demonstrate, and ultimately supply to selected state government fleets the hardware and services necessary to convert existing state-owned hybrid electric passenger cars and light trucks to plug-in hybrid (PHEV) operation.

Proposals are for a two stage project. Stage 1 will encompass work to develop and deliver a prototype vehicle for demonstration and testing. Stage 2 will encompass the conversion of all or a segment of a selected NYS government fleet of existing hybrid electric vehicles. The total available NYSERDA funding is $10,000,000. It is anticipated that multiple awards up to $100,000 each will be available for Stage 1 activities, with the balance of funds available for one or more subsequent Stage 2 awards.

Successful proposals from individual companies or teams must be led by a business entity capable of commercializing the PHEV technology. A very nice feature of this initiative is that proposers must present a viable plan to manufacture all, or a significant portion of the PHEV conversion system in New York State, or otherwise generate significant economic activity in the State.

Democratic Energy would suggest that marrying this initiative with another NYSERDA initiative titled, New York State Bio-Fuel Station Initiative: Driving Energy Independence for the Empire State, would be a perfect way to marry PHEV development with biofuels.


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