The New Rules Journal – Winter 2000

New Rules Journal Winter 2000


Local Retailers Hit the Web
In the flurry over the runaway growth of electronic commerce, one fact is rarely addressed: e-commerce is attracting consumer dollars that used to go to local stores. Now independent businesses are collaborating to bring online profits back to Main Street. By Stacy Mitchell

Paving Our Electronic Dirt Roads
Although the Telecommunications Act reduced local authority, there are still many steps a community can take to ensure its citizens have an accessible, affordable information infrastructure. By Miles Fidelman

Keeping the Minors Home
Home Teams are pulled up by their roots as owners cash in on stadium deals: it happened to the majors and now it’s happening to minor league sports teams. Buying the team is one way to keep them at hometown’s home plate. By Daniel Kraker.

This Isn’t Your Father’s Free Trade
It wasn’t tariffs that brought 50,000 protestors to Seattle’s streets in November. It was concern over issues like living standards, social justice, environmental protection and political freedom. Free trade, as administered by the WTO, is no longer about how much tax to slap on an import. By David Morris

Footloose and Label-Free
Labeling laws allow vendors to sell apples without telling consumers whether they’re from Washington or Australia. Congress is looking at several bills that would require stricter labeling of produce and meat. By Simona Fuma Shapiro

place rules
FCC okays microradio. West Virginia sues Wampler. San Francisco bans ATMs, banks sue. Boulder proposes local ownership preference. Dairy compact revived.

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