The New Rules Journal – Summer 1999

Date: 5 Aug 1999 | posted in: From the Desk of David Morris, The Public Good | 0 Facebooktwitterredditmail


The Buck Starts-and Stops-Here
Thousands of communities have lost local businesses to the clout of national chain stores. But other towns have protected their homegrown economies with zoning ordinances that limit large-scale retail and favor local ownership. By Stacy Mitchell

Getting a Slice of the Pie
Employee ownership may be one way of lessening the capitalism-driven income gap between rich and poor. By Jeff Gates

States Take the Bull by the Horns
Family farmers cheer as plains states pass legislation intended to break up concentration in the meat packing industry. By Stacy Mitchell

No, We Have Plenty of Bananas
But soon none of them will be grown by independent farmers-if the WTO has its way. By Daniel Kraker and David Morris

Microradio Struggles to Regain a Place on the Dial
The FCC has an opportunity to encourage more locally controlled, community-based radio programming, but broadcasting conglomerates say no. By Daniel Kraker

Outlandish Taxes
Property taxes encourage speculation, sprawl and property depreciation. Switching to a land value tax could help combat these urban ailments. By Pam Neary

place rules
Consumer coupons could boost local business in Japan. Indie bookstores break ground online at Mayors and counties charge pro-industry slant on Congressional e-commerce tax commission.

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