The New Rules Journal – Fall 1999

Date: 5 Nov 1999 | posted in: agriculture, Banking | 0 Facebooktwitterredditmail


Deep Pockets or Open Hands: Credit Unions Struggle Over Size
The credit union on your block is supposed to serve “people of small means.” In today’s economy can they do that better by staying small or by getting as big as…a bank? By Stacy Mitchell

Hogging the Market
Giant industrial hog producers have practically wiped out the family-owned hog farm, poisoning the land and weakening rural economies in the process. Dramatic shifts in agricultural policies are needed to rescue the independent farmer. By David Morris

Got (Local) Milk?
A few years ago, New England tried to save their local dairy farms with a regional pricing structure called a dairy compact. Now Congress has nixed the compact’s renewal, blunting one of the small dairy farmer’s only tools for surviving. By Stacy Mitchell

A Case of the Good Stuff
Small wineries have cleared themselves a space on the shelf, making them an unusual case in this era of consolidation. Now their alternative methods of distribution are threatened.

place rules
Ohioans allow local control of power. Congress considers net-metering standards. Troy vetoes GM tax breaks. France fights unfair produce prices. Small Roquefort town imposes Coca-Cola tax. South Dakota’s Amendment E bans corporate ownership of livestock.

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