Neil Seldman Reviews “The Waste Between Our Ears” for BioCycle

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In the News: Neil Seldman

April 14, 2020

Media Outlet: BioCycle

Neil Seldman, Director of ILSR’s Waste to Wealth initiative, reviewed The Waste Between Our Ears by Gerry Gillespie for BioCycle Magazine.

Here is an excerpt:

The question is will current environmental and health calamities bring with it a new way of thinking? Can we change our minds and our behavior? Will our response be more radical — focus on root causes — than in the 1960s in the quest for an ample and sustainable human existence? Gillespie’s book is a welcome addition to our Zero Waste library of books from Zero Waste luminaries who include Sea Captain Charles Moore; chemistry professor Paul Connett; GreenpeaceUSA director Annie Leonard; and physicist Paul Palmer. Gillespie joins them in providing both profound and practical ideas to address our fearful circumstances.

Read the full review here.

Listen to author Gerry Gillespie discusses Waste Between Our Ears on the Tractor Time podcast, a feature of Eco Farming Daily by the editors of Acres USA.

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