Neil Seldman Reviews “Peak Plastic” for the Northern California Recycling Association

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In the News: Neil Seldman

May 30, 2019

Media Outlet: Northern California Recycling Association

Neil Seldman, director of the Waste to Wealth initiative, reviews Peak Plastic: The Rise or Fall of Our Synthetic World.

Here is an excerpt:

Peak Plastic provides rational and doable steps to both control the hemorrhaging of plastic into the environment and tame the material so that the natural world and this unique material can live side by side. The rise of open source manufacturing is in sight. Hopes for this future are based on the emergence of an open source system that will inform organized citizens, government agencies and private firms…Is Peak Plastic too optimistic about the possibility of change among corporate leaders, considering past bad behavior? Is ‘clean up’ a credible solution once plastics in the ocean start breaking down into minute particles? What are the comparative costs of de- and re-polymerization? And, critically, can progress be made along the lines Buffington favors without a grassroots, bottom-up movement?

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