NSR Composter Training Program

Community-based composting can happen at schools, churches, community gardens, farms and other community venues. It is an effective way to engage youth, gardeners, and other members of the public in the act of recycling wasted food into a valuable soil amendment. Community leaders may be inspired to install and operate composting sites, but they need training, exposure to best practices and systems, and on-the-ground technical support to be successful. The Neighborhood Soil Rebuilders (NSR) Composter Training Program was designed to help communities meet this need.

The NSR Composter Training Program is a train-the-trainer program that prepares participants to establish and manage composting projects that both engage and serve their communities. Participants can then teach others, share lessons learned, start their own enterprises, and contribute to advancing local composting.


Training Options

Below is a list of our current training offerings:


Past Classes

Here are examples of where the NSR Composter Training Program has been replicated or adapted: 


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Other Resources

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