7157032259_448cafd3a0_kEnergy Research Hot Spot: Microgrids

Microgrids — an area of the electric grid that includes power generation, smart electric devices, and/or energy storage and can operate independently — have historically been mainstays at military bases and hospitals, places that need the most reliable power. Lower cost computing, renewable energy, and storage make the microgrid an increasingly viable option for grid users seeking lower prices, more renewables, and more choice than offered by their monopoly utility.
Here you’ll find ILSR’s original research and perspective on microgrids.






ILSR’s Reports:

Mighty Microgrids by John Farrell and Matt Grimley, March 2016


















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Clean Coalition’s Community Microgrids
Microgrids and Regulation with Chris Villarreal



















Photo Credit: U.S. Army RDECOM via Flickr (CC.0 Public Domain)