Manhattan’s Solid Waste Advisory Board Issues New Zero Waste Fact Sheets

Date: 2 Nov 2020 | posted in: waste - zero waste, Waste to Wealth | 0 Facebooktwitterredditmail

The Manhattan Solid Waste Advisory Board has long been a national leader on anti garbage incineration and Zero Waste efforts, and its two newly released fact sheets provide valuable information on these topics.

Part of a planned series of fact sheets issued by MSWAB, the first two are called “What is Zero Waste” and “Consumer Demand and Climate Change.”

The zero waste fact sheet focuses on the basics – defining what zero waste is, describing the public policies and best practices needed to achieve it, and discussing the technologies that can help local governments get to zero waste. The “Consumer Demand and Climate Change” fact sheet recommends actions individuals can take to reduce their carbon footprint, noting that “the best path to Zero Waste requires reducing consumer demand combined with increasing reuse, repair, recycling, and composting.”

The fact sheets were written by Maggie Clarke, Ph.D., a longtime friend of ILSR who has been an educator and researcher in environmental science and advocate for zero waste practices for 30 years, and a professional in solid waste management for over 35 years.

Stay tuned as this public information series continues with upcoming posts on Composting and Reuse.

For more information about Manhattan SWAB, go here


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