In VICE: Solar Power Buildout Would Generate Billions in Economic Benefits, Create Millions of Jobs

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In the News: Katie Keinbaum

July 21, 2021

Media Outlet: VICE

In Vice, senior researcher at ILSR’s Energy Democracy Initiative Katie Kienbaum explains ILSR’s 30 Million Solar Homes project, which seeks to switch 1 in 4 American homes to solar power. She asserts that the project, which relies on locally-distributed energy, would greatly curb the climate crisis. Research shows that the 30 Million Solar Homes plan would reduce carbon emissions by around a hundred million tonnes per year. She also sheds light on the fact that the initiative would greatly reduce utility costs for the average American family as well as create almost 2 million new jobs, both welcome developments in light of the economic losses caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Communities that have historically been at the frontlines of the climate crisis, such as communities of color and low income communities, will be prioritized in the implementation of the project.

[The proposal] is meant to kind of address a lot of the different issues that we’re facing at this moment. From the climate crisis to ongoing economic recovery from the COVID pandemic, to historic racial and economic inequalities in our economy and our energy system.

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In VICE: Solar Power Buildout Would Generate Billions in Economic Benefits, Create Millions of Jobs