In The Hill: Small Businesses Fight for a Voice in Washington

Date: 23 Jul 2021 | posted in: agriculture | 0 Facebooktwitterredditmail

Small businesses are fighting back against outsized corporate power and making their voices heard in Washington. “In the past, not only were both parties not concerned about concentrated economic power, but you didn’t see small business feature in the same way, either as a matter of policy or a matter of rhetoric,” ILSR Co-Director Stacy Mitchell told The Hill in a recent article.

The article focuses on Small Business Rising, a coalition of independent businesses of which ILSR is a founding member. The Hill describes small businesses as “playing a pivotal role in high-profile debates over antitrust…in Washington,” and Small Business Rising in particular as helping “sway lawmakers to advance legislation to break up the largest tech companies through the House Judiciary Committee.”

The article notes that Small Business Rising “scored a policy win this month when President Biden signed an executive order that directs the Federal Trade Commission to bar ‘unfair methods of competition on internet marketplaces.’”

Read the full article.

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