In BioCycle Magazine: Waste Disposal Surcharges Review

Date: 24 Mar 2022 | posted in: agriculture | 0 Facebooktwitterredditmail

In the News: Sophia Jones

March 22, 2022

Media Outlet: BioCycle Magazine

To successfully reduce, divert and manage the organics and recycling streams, one mechanism with a proven track record of raising funds for diversion and composting infrastructure is the establishment of a per-ton surcharge on waste landfilled or incinerated. A waste disposal surcharge is typically a fee added to the per-ton tipping fees charged at waste disposal sites. Some state and local governments levy these surcharges to solely support agency costs for solid waste facility licensing, permitting, registration or operation. Others use these per-ton surcharges to also support the establishment, expansion, and maintenance of recycling and composting projects.

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