ILSR’s Stacy Mitchell Talks Amazon and Small Businesses on KQED

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In the News: Stacy Mitchell

Date: Nov 26, 2019

Media Outlet: KQED News Forum

ILSR’s Independent Business Initiative Director Stacy Mitchell spoke to KQED News’ podcast Forum to discuss the importance of shopping local this holiday season. She explains the negative impact of Amazon’s increasing dominance on independent retailers, and how customers should move away from Amazon to support local businesses. Stacy further highlights how local businesses provide a meaningful and personal shopping experience to customers as they know both the products and customers well.

Here’s an excerpt:

“They bring an incredible amount of expertise to what they do, and also passion for the things that they sell. So, when you go to a local toy store, they are often showcasing products made my small and mid-sized toy manufactures that are unusual things, that are new things. And, they help you. You can see the goods, play with those toys, and learn about new things – in a way that’s just not possible at Amazon or a big box store.”

Listen to the full story here.