ILSR Statement on Breonna Taylor

Date: 30 Sep 2020 | posted in: agriculture | 0 Facebooktwitterredditmail

“The lack of charges in Breonna Taylor’s killing is yet another dispiriting — and infuriating — reminder of the profound inequalities that plague America’s justice and policing systems. Her death is a tragic illustration of how even the most basic human right to exist safely in one’s home is warped by racial inequality and police bias.

“Public safety is both a basic human right and a public good. Guaranteeing personal safety is the first and most essential piece of creating a society and an economy that functions for everyone.

“Police forces consume a large share of most city budgets, yet as we’ve seen time and again, they often fail to ensure the safety of all citizens, due in part to the broad range of issues they are tasked to handle. Asking a heavily armed force — with a history rooted in racism — to act as peacekeepers leads to worst-case scenarios in many communities of color in which residents are both overpoliced and unsafe. Our country can — and must — do better.

“ILSR’s mission is focused on building thriving, diverse, and equitable communities. We strive to work in community, finding local solutions that empower people and create collective resilience. But we realize that achieving our goal is ultimately undermined when so many citizens live under the threat of government-sanctioned violence. 

“We stand in solidarity with the Movement for Black Lives and will share more on our anti-racism journey in the coming month.”


Photo via Flickr