ILSR Releases New Public Savings Fact Sheet

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This new resource shares real world examples of public savings directly connected to municipal networks.

Publicly owned broadband networks provide opportunities for local savings to taxpayers. Local and regional governments find new and unexpected ways to cut costs when they build their own next-generation networks. In addition to saving connectivity fees for administrative facilities, local broadband networks economically serve schools and libraries, keeping local dollars in the community economy. ILSR’s new Public Savings Fact Sheet covers only a fraction of the thousands of working examples of large and small savings across the country.

Download a PDF of this enlightening and straightforward resource.

The Public Savings Fact Sheet provides examples from Florida, Oregon, Kansas, Virginia, Louisiana, and Ohio but these are only a few places where community owned networks continue to save.

Read ongoing coverage related to these networks at ILSR’s site devoted to Community Broadband Networks.  You can also subscribe to a once-per-week email with stories about community broadband networks.

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