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“The Monopoly Magnate”

| Written by Lisa Gonzalez | No Comments | Updated on Mar 6, 2013 The content that follows was originally published on the Institute for Local Self-Reliance website at


ILSR is following HB 282, restrictive legislation moving through the Georgia General Assembly. The bill would effectively end the ability for existing networks to expand. Communities considering investing in their own telecommunications networks would face almost insurmountable financial and practical hurdles.

As the bill is heavily lobbied by incumbent telecom giants, local leaders make the trek to Atlanta to express their opposition. The bill, misleadingly titled the “Municipal Broadband Investment Act,” strongly discourages any community from investing in needed broadband infrastructure.

ILSR just released “The Monopoly Magnate” to describe what is happening in Georgia. A monocled villain uses his powers to empower Georgia legislators with the intention to pass HB 282. In true comic book fashion, we are left hanging. How will the Monopoly Magnate be stopped? As the cartoon says, “Stay tuned……”

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