ILSR Guide to Composting Onsite at Schools

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ILSR prepared this Guide to Composting Onsite at Schools to introduce the basics of onsite composting at K-12 schools that have been equipped with 2- and 3-bin composting systems. These systems work well for schools with gardens. Learn why composting is important, the basic ingredients needed to produce good compost, steps to get started, and how to troubleshoot should problems arise. ILSR advocates for a diverse and distributed infrastructure for food waste recovery and composting. Schools can be the foundation for locally based composting, helping to build the culture of composting know-how and practice within a community.

Click here to download PDF for guide.

The 24-page guide is divided into six sections:

  • What & Why Compost:  What is compost and composting? Why should we compost?
  • Composting Basics: Learn what materials to compost and the importance of air, water, and size.
  • 5 Steps to Get Started: Clarify team and method, secure tools, collect ingredients, make a recipe, build a pile.
  • Health & Safety Considerations: Practice good hygiene and protect against airborne fungi.
  • Troubleshooting: Odors? Nothing happening? Learn tips for dealing with challenges.
  • Using Finished Compost: Compost can be incorporated into garden planting beds or used as a mulch.

ILSR is working on a companion report, The ABCs of Composting Onsite at K-12 Schools. If you are composting onsite at your school (whether a simple worm bin in a classroom or a $10,000 in-vessel system) and would like to be included in our report, please email us at

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