ILSR and Collaborators File Comments in FCC’s E-rate Proceedings

Date: 20 Nov 2013 | posted in: information, MuniNetworks | 0 Facebooktwitterredditmail

ILSR, the Consumer’s Union, and Common Cause recently filed comments with the FCC as it examines E-rate. The agency’s Wireline Competition Bureau is currently reviewing the E-rate program for Schools and Libraries. The program provides funding from the Universal Services Fund to help schools and libraries pay for Internet access and other telecommunications services. The proceeding to examine ways to update the E-rate program began in July.

ILSR, Common Cause, and the Consumer’s Union filed Reply Comments to address misstatements supplied by telecommunications industry leaders. The three co-filers corrected the misleading statements with a representative list of communities where municipal networks offer schools and libraries reliable, affordable, and high-quality service.

The Reply Comments also touched on schools and libraries ability to make their own decisions in obtaining service. The group advocated for greater transparency in pricing of broadband options as a way to encourage competition, quality in service, and more affordable pricing. Additionally, the groups stressed the importance of the Lifeline program that offers free and low cost phone service to lower income individuals.

The Reply Comments submitted by the Consumer’s Union, Common Cause, and ILSR can be viewed online.

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