Webinar Series: Government Support for Community Composting

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Are you a local government interested in reducing and recycling wasted food and curious to learn how you can help spur community-scale composting? Or perhaps you are a community-oriented composter or micro hauler searching for public-private partnerships. This webinar series is for you!

Listen to these recorded webinars to learn how cities are providing community-scale composting with a wide range of support including:

  • Establishing community composting at urban gardens,
  • Training community members on how to compost successfully,
  • Funding equipment for small sites,
  • Funding staff at existing nonprofit organizations,
  • Incorporating community composting into climate action strategies and other plans,
  • Granting access to land, and 
  • Awarding major contracts for curbside and drop-off food scraps collection.  


These webinars are among the resources the Institute for Local Self-Reliance (ILSR) offers to support a distributed and diverse composting infrastructure that includes community-scale and on-farm composting. 

To view and listen to our other past composting-related webinar recordings, click HERE.



The registration fee to view each webinar recording is $20. Participation in this series is free for local government, farmers, and members of our Community Composter Coalition. The webinar recordings are made available immediately upon registration.

Fee: $20 per webinar
Free for Community Composter Coalition members! (use code CCC)
Free for local government! (use code LOCGOV)
Free for farmers! (use code FARMER)


Thursday, October 27th, 1 – 2:30 p.m. ET

Government Support for Community Composting Part 4: A Menu of Options – Zoning, Grants, and Contracts 

Join this webinar to hear a menu of options on how urban, rural, and suburban governments are supporting on-farm and community composting. San Diego County has changed its zoning to facilitate decentralized composting sites. Many jurisdictions in the San Diego region have contracted with the Solana Center for Environmental Innovation, resulting in the spread of on-farm and other local composting. Across the country in rural Vermont, the Central Vermont Solid Waste Management District has seeded Neighborhood Compost Pods in collaboration with a local town and local farmer. And in an urban city, under contract with the City of Albany, an urban ecojustice and ecological literacy nonprofit is composting food scraps to regenerate urban soils.


More information and how to access the recording HERE

Wednesday, May 4th, 1 – 2:30 p.m. ET

Government Support for Community Composting Part 1: Spotlight on New York City

The NYC Compost Project, created by the NYC Department of Sanitation (DSNY) in 1993, works to rebuild NYC’s soils by providing New Yorkers with the knowledge, skills, and opportunities they need to produce and use compost locally. NYC Compost Project programs are carried out by teams of DSNY-funded staff at several partner organizations including Big Reuse, Earth Matter NY, LES Ecology Center. DSNY also supports a NYC Compost Project Master Composter Certificate Course, and many program graduates have gone on to cultivate community composting in the city.


More information and how to access the recording HERE

Wednesday, June 8th, 1 – 2:30 p.m. ET

Government Support for Community Composting Part 2: Food Scrap Collectors & Composters with Municipal Contracts

Micro haulers and community-scale composters need government support to sustain their business models. How can I position my company to win a municipal contract? How can I get access to public land for my activities? How can I convince my local government to support my business over large-sized operations? If you relate to these questions, join this webinar to hear directly from food scrap collectors and composters who have secured some type of private-public partnership. If you represent local government, attend this event to learn how you can directly support local food scrap recovery businesses.


More information and how to access the recording HERE

Thursday, June 23rd, 1 – 2:30 p.m. ET

Government Support for Community Composting Part 3: Cities and Counties with Public-Private Partnerships

Join this webinar to hear from select jurisdictions which are providing a wide range of support for community-scale composting activities, from building concrete pads under 3-bin systems and granting right of entries to urban parks to awarding RFPs for new compost sites.


More Information and how to access the recording HERE


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