Food Scrap Recovery

Food Waste Recovery by Brenda Platt, 2000 This case study, prepared for the California Integrated Waste Management Board, features food recovery initiatives in San Francisco, Berkeley, and Santa Cruz County. It details collection systems for the commercial and institutional sector, collection of residential food discards with yard trimmings, and on-site composting of private sector food scraps.

Don’t Throw Away That Food: Strategies for Record-Setting Waste Reduction by Brenda Platt and Joanne Goodwin 1998, fact sheet packet (24 pages)EPA-530-F-98-023 View Online

A growing number of food-related businesses are diverting their food discards to useful purposes in place of the dump. This fact sheet packet documents nine programs with record-setting food recovery levels, from a hospital and prison to an urban produce market and supermarkets. The packet includes tips for solid waste planners and resources for more information.