End Year Update on the Lifecycle Building Center

In its short four years of operation, the non-profit Lifecycle Building Center in Atlanta has diverted 500 tons of reusable building materials from area landfills. Thousands of dollars worth of flooring, plumbing fixtures, ceiling tiles, doors and more to an array of 60 non-profit organizations. Churches, schools, animal shelters and a non-profit land trust all benefited from these donations. Customers from low-income communities have also benefited from low prices for good building materials.

In 2015, the Material Reuse Center operated five days per week. The Center hired a Deconstruction Manager and added a second box truck to the fleet. This has allowed for a 60% increase in pick-ups and a tripling of deconstruction projects. New partnerships with UPS, Cox Enterprises and Mohawk Group have been established.

The Center operates a 70,000 square foot facility with 8 full time staff and one volunteer coordinator who manages 8 regular volunteers.. The Center plans to add two new warehouse staff and expand its volunteer corps. These additions will allow for further expansion of products offered and continued outreach and community partnerships.

ILSR assisted in the start up of the Lifecycle Building Center. ILSR’s Neil Seldman serves as an advisor to the Center’s board of directors.

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Neil Seldman

Neil Seldman, Ph.D, directs the Waste to Wealth Initiative. He specializes in helping cities and businesses recover increasing amounts of materials from the waste stream and add value to the local economy through new processing and manufacturing facilities. He is a co-founder of the Institute for Local Self-Reliance.