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Electric vehicles will take advantage of new and more affordable technology to become cheaper than gasoline powered cars within five years, but their real power is the transformation of the electricity business. The proliferation of electric vehicles means millions of new, smart devices that can draw from and contribute to the grid, reshaping utility policies, public infrastructure and more.

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Choosing the Electric Avenue: Unlocking Savings, Emissions Reductions, and Community Benefits of Electric Vehicles by John Farrell & Karlee Weinmann, June 2017
Electric Vehicle Policy for the Midwest – A Scoping Document by John Bailey & David Morris, December 2009





















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Following the Rules:

With respect to charging electric vehicles (EVs), the ideal scenario would result in a maximum amount of renewable energy flowing into the vehicle’s battery packs while at the same time utilizing our existing infrastructure (power plants, transmission/distribution lines) as efficiently as possible. To meet this scenario, the timing of charging up vehicles must be compared to the timing of power plants supplying that electricity to the grid. …read more from ILSR.

Vancouver has established an electric vehicle (EV) charging system requirement for new construction – both single family and multi-family properties.

In October 2009, a new rule (Vancouver By-law No. 9936) requires 20% of the parking spots in new multi-family developments in Vancouver to have charging ports for electric vehicles. Vancouver is reportedly the first jurisdiction in the world to implement this kind of charging station requirement for new buildings. EV advocates hope that it can serve as a model for other cities in North America. The charging stations would consist of 240V outlets giving relatively fast charging times for EVs of around 3-5 hours. The city also announced a plan to enhance public charging infrastructure around the city. …read more from ILSR.

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