Detroit Renewable Power Signs Legal Agreement Not to Burn Trash

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The Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy (EGLE) has entered into a Consent Judgment with Detroit Renewable Power to legally resolve violations of air quality and waste management rules and regulations. Detroit Renewable Power has a long history of violations with EGLE. The requirements of the Consent Judgment will remove the ability to burn trash at the site. The burning of trash and the management of the waste were some of the main issues at the facility and led to most of the violations and community concerns.

In summary, the Consent Judgment:

  • Removes the ability to burn trash by requiring the permanent shutdown of the three spreader-stoker boilers at the facility in Detroit.
  • Requires payment of a penalty of $200,000 for air quality violations.
  • Includes additional fines for future potential non-compliance.
  • Voids the current air permits as they are no longer needed.
  • Allows for continued operation as a solid waste transfer facility with an enforceable timeline for the facility to apply and receive required permits and licenses, or fully stop operations.

EGLE Issued a Document with Questions and Answers About the Consent Judgment:

Question: Can Detroit Renewable Power restart the incinerator?

Answer: By requiring air permits to be voided, trash burning cannot legally be done. To start-up again in the future, the facility must apply for a new air permit which would undergo a full evaluation under the applicable state and federal air quality rules, regulations, and standards.


Question: What waste operations will they have now and who is overseeing these operations?

Answer: Detroit Renewable can conduct limited, temporary solid waste transfer operations. This has been allowed to meet the City’s ongoing waste needs until the end of 2021. EGLE staff will have access to the site for inspections to evaluate compliance and to investigate complaints.


Question: What if I have additional questions, concerns, or complaints?

Answer: EGLE staff continue to be available to address any questions and respond to concerns or complaints community members may have. Report complaints to EGLE staff, who can be contacted during regular business hours:

Todd Zynda at or 313-418-7216.

Ann Vogen at or 586-494-5083.

Greg Morrow at or 248-302-0440.

If you have questions about the Consent Judgment may contact Jason Wolf at or 517-275-0943; or Greg Morrow at or 248-302-0440.


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