Democratic Energy’s Top 5 of 2013

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commercial-grid-parity-FB-images.004-1-320x239Rooftop Revolution

A combination resource of our two reports on residential and commercial solar grid parity, including a slideshow, infographic, and an amazing interactive map (#5 on this list by itself).




1360282556772.jpg.CROP_.article568-large-320x246Germany Has More Solar Power Because Everyone Wins

It got press because someone at Fox News thought Germany was sunnier than America (the reverse is true), but the real revelation is that the renewable energy revolution in Germany is largely people powered.




gchart-share-of-germany-renewable-energy-market-2011Half of Germany’s 53,000 Megawatts of Renewable Energy is Locally Owned

Actually, it’s up to 63,000 MW, and it’s the average German who is powering the transition to a renewable energy future.



greenhousesolar1Community Solar Power: Obstacles and Opportunities

It’s no surprise that this report still catches the eye three years after its publication.  Over 3 in 4 Americans want to go solar affordably, but only 1 in 4 have a suitable roof for solar.  Community power is the answer, but it’s not yet easy.



solar-grid-parity-interactive-map-screenshot-150x150Mapping Solar Grid Parity

Want to know when solar beats grid prices – without subsidies?  This is your interactive map, covering every utility in every state for the next decade.

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