ILSR Co-Founder Speaking at Ralph Nader’s Breaking Through Power Conference

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On Monday, September 26th, Institute for Local Self-Reliance co-founder Neil Seldman will present at Ralph Nader’s Breaking Through Power Conference in Washington D.C. His presentation: “Community Business is Revolutionary” will be at 11:10AM at Carnegie Institution of Washington. Tickets for one-day passes … Read More

Watch: Policy Tools That Enable Local Businesses to Thrive

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For too long, public policy has rigged the market to favor big corporations and undermine small, locally owned businesses, especially those launched by women and people of color. In this video of a panel session at the CommonBound conference, ILSR’s Stacy Mitchell and other leaders discuss how, now, local businesses and activists across the country are working to change the rules to instead support community enterprises.… Read More

Listen: A Global Village and a Globe of Villages – David Morris’ Speech from 1997

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On April 23rd, 1997, David Morris delivered a speech to the Rochester Institute of Technology in Rochester, New York. The title of his talk was “A Global Village and a Globe of Villages” and, even though this talk was delivered nearly … Read More

Video: The Coming of Energy Democracy – Midwest Renewable Energy Fair

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On June 17, John Farrell delivered a keynote address to the annual Midwest Energy Fair in Custer, Wisconsin. In this presentation, John detailed the growth of renewable energy and how new technologies and smart policies can lead to the downfall … Read More

Video: The Shocking Impact of Boring Energy Policy – CommonBound 2016 Conference

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On July 9, John Farrell spoke to a group at the CommonBound 2016 Conference. The conference brought hundreds of leaders together to share “visionary strategies for achieving deep systemic change” in areas such as energy policy and economic justice. In … Read More

Presentation: Re-Member-ing the Electric Cooperative

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In March of 2016, we published a report on the state of rural electric cooperatives in the current electricity market: Re-Member-ing the Electric Cooperative. Below you will find our newly developed presentation based on this report. Forward and share widely.… Read More

Video: John Farrell Keynote Presentation – Salt Spring Community Energy Conference

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ILSR’s John Farrell was the keynote speaker for the Salt Spring Community Energy Group’s 2016 Conference in British Columbia, Canada on Saturday, April 23rd. Following the keynote presentation there were over a dozen different workshops on new energy methods and … Read More

Cultivating Community Composting Forum and Workshop Bring Composters Together

Date: 16 Feb 2016 | posted in: Composting, waste - composting, Waste to Wealth | 0 Facebooktwitterredditmail

More than 70 community composters from all over the US gathered in Jacksonville to discuss best practices for community composting.… Read More

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