Buy Local Slide Show

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This photo slideshow has examples from across the country of how local business alliances are encouraging people to choose independent businesses. … Read More

ILSR’s Minnesota Carbon Tax Shift Archives

In the 1990s, the Institute for Local Self-Reliance and other energy activists in Minnesota undertook an effort to get Minnesota to adopt a billion dollar "tax shift" that would have raised the cost of energy while reducing taxes on income and/or property. ILSR was integrally involved in the design of the legislative proposal and examined the impacts on various sectors of Minnesota’s economy. Below you will find the archive of the materials that were prepared to support the initiative. Over several years, the proposal was debated extensively but never enacted into law. … Read More

David Morris speaks on the Challenge of Going Green in a Recession

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On Sunday, April 26, David Morris addressed a crowd hosted by the DFL Education Foundation, on the challenges of developing renewable energy in a time of economic turmoil.  His remarks follow:

I appreciate the opportunity to speak to this distinguished audience this evening.  My charge is to address the question, “Can We Be Green in a Recession?”  Or as the teaser for this meeting puts it, can we be green without green?

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The Ethics of Sustainability

Date: 19 Apr 2009 | posted in: Energy, equity, From the Desk of David Morris, The Public Good | 1 Facebooktwitterredditmail

David Morris spoke on Earth Day to the First Unitarian Society of Minneapolis on ethics.  He began with some definitions:

Ethics is a set of moral values and standards that guide our conduct. Those moral values and standards are not the same in all societies. Our own country offers an excellent example.  Indeed, we consider our history and culture so unique that our leaders often use the term American Exceptionalism to describe our economic and social niche. 

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