CD-ROM: Regulating Big Box Retail

Date: 1 Apr 2007 | posted in: Retail | 0 Facebooktwitterredditmail

This session on regulating big-box retail was presented at the American Planning Association’s 2007 conference. Presenters were Thomas Jacobson, Stacy Mitchell, and Julie Tappendorf. The CD-ROM includes audio synchronized with PowerPoint, transcripts and slides, note sheets, and reading materials.… Read More

25 by 25: Getting the Priorities Right – Speech

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A 2007 speech by ILSR Vice President, David Morris, presented at the 3rd National Renewable Energy Summit focuses on ways to ensure that our nation’s move to have 25 percent of our energy consumption come from renewable energy by 2025 will maximize the benefits to the communities in which these fuels are produced and harvested.  Morris said, 25 by 25, by its very nature is a quantitative goal. Thus it is not surprising that most will view the challenge primarily as how to design rules that achieve this level of output. Yet we need to take into account qualitative goals as well. We need to strive not just for more, but for better." … Read More

Fashioning Minnesota Energy Policy: The Legislature’s Role

Date: 7 Feb 2002 | posted in: From the Desk of David Morris, The Public Good | 0 Facebooktwitterredditmail

Fashioning Minnesota Energy Policy: The Legislature’s Role By David Morris February 7, 2002 Testimony before the Minnesota Senate Telecommunications, Energy and Utilities Committee On S.F. 2672 – Minnesota Economic, Environmental and Energy Security Act of 2002 My name is David … Read More

The Impact of Chain Stores on Community

Date: 18 Apr 2000 | posted in: Retail | 5 Facebooktwitterredditmail

In this classic talk, delivered at the annual conference of the American Planning Association, Stacy Mitchell describes how, contrary to conventional wisdom, the decline of independent businesses isn’t inevitable or the result of free market forces. Rather, public policy decisions have played a major role — and a growing number of communities are deciding to take a different approach. … Read More

Why Minnesotans Should Not Subsidize the Burning of Poultry Manure

Why Minnesotans Should Not Subsidize the Burning of Poultry Manure Testimony by David Morris Against Minnesota House Bill No. 2757 Before the House Regulated Industries Subcommittee February 16, 2000 My name is David Morris. I am Vice President of the … Read More

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