How Communities are Banding Together to Create High-speed, Affordable Broadband Access.

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Slate, August 1, 2012 Imagine paying $40 per gallon of gasoline when people in neighboring towns are paying $4. Or paying $8 per kilowatt-hour for electricity when others were paying 8 cents. Unthinkable! But this stark disparity is commonplace when it comes to paying for Internet access in the United States. As the recent report “The … Read More

The Economics Of The Google Gigabit

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Forbes, August 1, 2012 In the excitement around Google‘s unveiling of the $70 gigabit broadband connection in Kansas City, some may be wondering how it is that Google can offer a gigabit for moderately more than what most of us pay for far slower cable broadband connections. On one side of the equation is the fact … Read More

Big Fat Pipes: Google’s Underappreciated Tech Edge

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The Atlantic, August 1, 2012 It is worth reading this recent posting by Christopher Mitchell, on the Community Broadband Networks site, for an angle of the Google-vs.-all-comers battle not usually featured in the mainstream press. That angle is Google’s significantly cheaper cost structure for data-movement of all kinds, and the commercial and technological possibilities this opens … Read More

ILSR Named to FTTH Top 100

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Broadband Communities Magazine, July 31, 2012 Broadband Communities Magazine named ILSR’s Telecommunications As Commons Initiative to their top 100 list of organizations that are making a difference to the fiber-to-the-home industry: service providers, suppliers of equipment and software, distributors, engineering and construction firms, consultants and more. The feature includes profiles of the 100 organizations, lists of … Read More

The Most Important Clean-energy Vote This Year is in Michigan

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Grist, July 31, 2012 Probably the most important energy-related vote this November is happening in the swing state of Michigan, where voters will decide whether to substantially boost the state’s renewable energy standard (RES). It’s a big deal for all sorts of reasons, many of which extend beyond the state itself. So let’s walk through the … Read More

Google Fiber: Why does Kansas City get to go high-speed?

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The Christian Science Monitor, July 27, 2012 Super high-speed Internet comes to Kansas City, courtesy of Google. Business leaders hope lightning fast connections with spur innovation and jobs. Google looks to be expanding further from its original business of Internet searching. … The Kansas City project will likely highlight the fact that average Internet speeds in … Read More

Walmart Shopping in a Local Economy

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Bellevue Patch, July 19, 2012 Stores of differing types and sizes affect the entire business ecology from local stores. Local consumers still can vote with their feet and wallets.   Following up on the latest store openings in Bellevue I found a stark contrast on how different stores handle publicity. Hedge & Vine, the boutique furniture store … Read More

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