Internet Sales Tax Fairness — Economic Nexus and Marketplace Nexus — Washington

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In September 2015, Washington passed a law that creates an economic nexus in the state. It expanded that law in July 2017. Washington also passed a law, effective January 1, 2018 — the first of its kind to take effect in the nation — that requires platform or “marketplace” companies to either collect sales tax on goods sold by third-party sellers to Washington purchasers through their platform or follow requirements for use tax notice and reporting. … Read More

Community-Owned Stores

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Another approach to community ownership of commercial spaces is to create a community-owned store that is structured as a local stock corporation. There are at least a dozen examples of these around the country. One of the best-known is the Powell Mercantile in Powell, Wyoming. Founded in 2002, this profitable downtown department store is owned by about 800 local families who capitalized the business by buying shares priced at $500 each.… Read More

Investment Cooperatives

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In the vacuum left by traditional economic development and Wall Street’s approach to finance, investment cooperatives allow communities to put their capital to work in their local economy, catalyze the creation of new jobs, re-imagine their neighborhoods, and earn a return on their investment.… Read More

Community Ownership of Commercial Spaces

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Community ownership of commercial spaces offers benefits that include new jobs in the neighborhood, strong incentives for people to shop locally, local sources for key goods, closer ties with neighbors, and in some cases, a return on investment.… Read More

Pharmacy Ownership Law — North Dakota

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A forward-thinking policy choice, the Pharmacy Ownership Law, gives North Dakotans pharmacy care that outperforms care in other states on every key measure, from cost to access. In North Dakota, prescription drug prices are more affordable than in two-thirds of all states. Pharmacies are more plentiful, with more per capita than in neighboring South Dakota, Minnesota, or nationally, and they’re more broadly distributed; North Dakota’s rural areas are 51 percent more likely to contain a pharmacy than similarly-populated areas of South Dakota. And in general, independent pharmacies provide higher quality care, studies and surveys of customer satisfaction find.… Read More

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