Motherboard Covers ILSR’s Broadband Monopolies Report

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Motherboard Vice covers our latest report on Internet access. The report details why millions of Americans have no good option for high-quality Internet access, despite government subsidies. Karl Bode, spoke with Christopher Mitchell, the director for the Community Broadband Networks initiative at the Institute for Local Self-Reliance, for his perspective on what communities can do.… Read More

Release: How Big Cable and Telephone Monopolies Have Carved Up the Country

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Despite receiving billions in federal funding to help rural Americans access the internet, the biggest telecom companies have focused investment on urban areas, leaving rural communities with DSL that the cannot meet the Federal Communication Commission’s broadband definition. In the latest policy brief, the Institute for Local Self Reliance (ILSR) mapped out broadband availability by six of the largest Internet Service Providers (ISPs): Comcast, Charter, AT&T, CenturyLink, Frontier, and Verizon. The resulting maps and analysis illustrate where broadband service is available across the U.S. from each of the six ISPs and where each faces competition.… Read More

In Book Review for Washington Monthly, Stacy Mitchell on “The Truth About Big Business”

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In the July-August issue of “Washington Monthly” magazine, ILSR’s Stacy Mitchell rebuts a new book’s claims that the monopolization of the U.S. economy is a good thing. As she does so, Stacy also mounts a vigorous counter-argument, explaining how economic policy has tilted the playing field in favor of bigness, but how small businesses perform critical functions that big businesses can’t.… Read More

Release: Solar and Energy Storage Threatens Utility Business Models, Enables Energy Democracy

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What happens to an electric utility when its big bets on new power plants are undercut by customers producing their own power from solar and storing it in cost-effective batteries?

Hundreds of utility power plants could become stranded assets if electric customers pursue these affordable alternatives to utility provided power, undercutting a century of the traditional “bigger is better” electric utility business model. The latest report from the Institute for Local Self-Reliance details how battery storage literally and figuratively reverses the grid’s power flow and puts customers in charge. It offers policymakers, utilities, and individuals a roadmap of rules to capture this opportunity for energy democracy and save everyone money.… Read More

Public Banking in the Spotlight in this Vice Feature, ILSR Banking Expert Quoted

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In the story from Vice titled, “The Big Bank You’re Using Is Probably Ripping You Off,” reporter Allie Conti dives deep into the myriad ways that the biggest banks in our economy harm their members and the wider economy as a whole. For her coverage, Conti also wanted to include the alternative structures, including public banking.

For this section she reached out to ILSR co-director and Community-Scaled Economy initiative director Stacy Mitchell, we’ve included her contributions in this article.… Read More

Release: Amazon’s National Contract to Supply Local Governments Puts Cities and Schools at Risk, ILSR Report Finds

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A national contract that Amazon secured last year to provide local governments with office and classroom supplies lacks standard safeguards to protect public dollars and public transparency, and puts cities and schools at risk of paying more and getting less, according to an investigation published today by the Institute for Local Self-Reliance (ILSR). View more information from our press release.… Read More

Next City Covers the Movement Toward Public Banking in Los Angeles, Relies on ILSR Data

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At the end of June, the Los Angeles City Council voted to add a ballot initiative for this fall to enable public banking to ensure that all Angelenos are banked with sufficient protections. For this article in Next City, Alejandra Molina reached out to ILSR co-director and Community-Scaled Economy initiative director Stacy Mitchell to answer questions on the benefits of community banking.… Read More

The Ringer Covers Tech Monopolies, Cites ILSR in Amazon Section

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The Ringer is a publication that covers media, sports, and technology. Their reporter Victor Luckerson covers the machinations of Big Tech, including in his monopoly primer on the biggest power players in Silicon Valley and beyond. In his section on Amazon Luckerson cites our Amazon report and the original writing from ILSR co-director and Community-Scaled Economy initiative director Stacy Mitchell.… Read More

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