In The American Prospect: Why Congress Must End America’s Merger Free-for-All

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Senior Research Ron Knox writes in The American Prospect about how decades of unchecked mergers has killed jobs, suppressed wages, and smothered independent businesses. With Lina Khan and DOJ nominee Jonathon Kanter, there is newfound hope to overhaul current merger laws. But Congress must act to end America’s merger free-for-all. … Read More

Reshaping Appalachia’s Coal-Centric Economy with Bottom Up Solutions — Episode 138 of Building Local Power

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Host Jess Del Fiacco and ILSR’s Brenda Platt are joined by Jacob Hannah, Conservation Director at Coalfield Development. Coalfield Development works across many sectors — solar energy, agriculture, manufacturing, deconstruction, reuse, and more —  as it pursues its mission of rebuilding the Appalachian economy. … Read More

Drone Data Helps a Minnesota City Conserve Energy — Episode 141 of Local Energy Rules

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For this episode of the Local Energy Rules Podcast, host John Farrell and guest Shannon Mortenson discuss Warren’s first-of-its-kind thermal imaging project, lessons learned from the pilot, and how cities can help residents conserve energy.… Read More

Garbage Incineration Update for October 2021

From domestic cities like Ocean City, Maryland to Salem, Oregon and international locations from Ontario, Canada and the United Kingdom, we provide updates on garbage incineration efforts around the globe.… Read More

Webinar: Profiting with Compost and the Importance of Compost Quality with Dr. Greg Evanylo and Jayne Merner Senecal

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ILSR’s On-Farm Composting & Compost Use Webinar Series features experts from across the industry and covers the ins and outs of on-farm composting and compost use. In the fifth webinar of the series, Compost Quality & Testing, presenter Dr. Greg Evanylo, professor in the School of Plant and Environmental Sciences at Virginia Tech presented on compost testing as a tool for determining compost quality and identifying appropriate uses for compost.… Read More

Can More Competition Fix an Outdated Energy System? — Episode 137 of Building Local Power

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In this episode of Building Local Power, ILSR Co-Director John Farrell is joined by Chris Villarreal, President of Plugged In Strategies and an Associate Fellow with the R Street Institute. Their discussion focuses on monopoly power in the energy sector, and how lack of competition impacts consumers and stands in the way of progress. … Read More

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