Comcast Gigabit Internet Service Will Cost $299 Per Month

Date: 14 Jul 2015 | posted in: Media Coverage, MuniNetworks | 0 Facebooktwitterredditmail

WABE Radio, July 14, 2015

Comcast is now offering residential customers its high-speed fiber Internet service.  It’s one of the fastest and most expensive Internet options for residential customers in Atlanta.  Gigabit Pro will cost $299 per month with a $500 installation fee and a $500 activation fee. The promotional price is $159.

Comcast’s Alex Horowitz said he thinks it’s reasonably priced especially because of the costs associated with installing fiber to people’s homes.   “We’re seeing competitors pricing 1 gig on average around $79, and this will be about double that, but it’s also going to be twice the speed,” Horowitz said.

With 2 gigabit-per-second speeds, he said, you can download a 30-minute sitcom in three seconds or a full high-definition movie in 25 seconds.


A Pricing Strategy?

A business editor at Light Reading, Alan Breznick, said Comcast’s price is the highest he’s seen among Internet providers for gigabit service.

“Maybe they’re starting out with it as a marketing gimmick to say [it] has the fastest service, but they have plans down the road to turn into a more serious service,” Breznick said.

Christopher Mitchell leads the nonprofit Institute for Local Self-Reliance, which connects local governments with high-speed Internet.  “If they charge $300 a month, then they know very few people will take it and they don’t have to cannibalize their existing network,” Mitchell said.


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