BioSpecs Purchasing Specifications for Compostable Biobased Food Service Ware

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The Sustainable Biomaterials Collaborative (SBC) provides purchasing specifications for buyers of compostable food service ware. These specifications were designed to find products that are sustainable from cradle-to-cradle, including biomass production, manufacturing, and recovery. The specifications require that products meet certain standards and hold certain certifications of products to prevent purchasers from buying “greenwashed” items, which fail … Read More

BioSpecs by SBC and Business-NGO Working Group

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The Sustainable Biomaterials Collaborative and the Business-NGO Working Group released the BioSpecs for Food Service Ware at the Biopolymers Symposium in Chicago, September 30, 2009. The BioSpecs are purchasing specifications for environmentally preferable compostable biobased food service products. They outline sustainability criteria and recognition levels for food service ware made from compostable biobased materials. Read more at

Guidelines for Sustainable Bioplastics

The SBC’s Guidelines for Sustainable Bioplastics proposes goals and a roadmap for improving the sustainability of bioplastics – defined for this document as plastics in which 100% of the carbon is derived from renewable agricultural and forestry resources. While these Guidelines focus on biobased plastic replacements for fossil-fuel-based plastics, many of the principles apply to other … Read More

New Sustainable Biomaterials Collaborative Formed

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The Sustainable Biomaterials Collaborative (SBC) is a network of organizations working together to spur the introduction and use of biomaterials that are sustainable from cradle to cradle. The Collaborative seeks to advance the development and diffusion of sustainable biomaterials by creating sustainability guidelines, engaging markets, and promoting policy initiatives. The SBC principles, key documents, resources and … Read More

Waste to Wealth – 2007 Annual Report

For 33 years ILSR’s “Waste to Wealth” program has helped to convert wastes from environmental and economic liabilities into valuable resources that contribute to community development. In 2007, our work has focused on the following: encouraging sustainable biomaterials to replace fossil-fuel-based plastics developing green industrial parks salvaging building materials through deconstruction deterring waste incineration projects and … Read More

Bye Bye Petro-Plastics, Hello Compostable Bioplastics?

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ILSR launches its Sustainable Plastics Project, which is exploring the potential of bio-based and compostable plastics to substitute for harmful petroleum-based products and packaging. See ILSR’s article, “Crops Into Plastics: How emerging bioplastic technology could impact the waste stream” Waste Age (July 2006). In June 2006, the Oakland, California City Council passed an ordinance banning polystyrene … Read More

The Carbohydrate Economy: Making Chemicals and Industrial Materials from Plant Matter

Date: 12 Dec 1992 | posted in: agriculture, biomaterials, Energy, environment, Waste to Wealth | 0 Facebooktwitterredditmail

This 1992 report by David Morris and Irshad Ahmed was one of the first comprehensive looks at how plant matter derived products could replace many of our fossil fuel derived materials.  One hundred and fifty years ago, all of our industrial materials were derived from plants. In 1992, plant matter accounted for less than 5% of … Read More

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