Innovative Management Strategies for Biopolymers

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At this year’s International Biopolymers Symposium, Brenda Platt moderated a panel entitled, Innovative management strategies for End of Life, and provided opening remarks on the last day of the conference. As one of the chairs of the International Biopolymers Symposium, the Sustainable Biomaterials Collaborative has kept sustainable sourcing and end-of-life issues as prominent sessions. To read more … Read More

Exemptions/Exclusions Added to Atlanta Airport Info Packet

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The Sustainable Food Court Initiative (SFCI) Airport Pilot, Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, works closely with the SFCI Team to bring sustainable operating practices to their operations, especially regarding food waste. In early 2012 the Atlanta Airport made a bold statement in the new concessionaire contract, the largest foodservice contract executed in North America. … Read More

Atlanta Airport Launches Compostable Foodservice Ware Packet

Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport (HJAIA) sends more than 19,000 tons of waste to Georgia landfills each year. Food scraps are the single largest component of HJAIA waste, making up about one-third of this tonnage. HJAIA has a goal to divert 50% of its waste from landfill disposal by 2015. Composting food waste is essential to reach this goal, and switching to compostable food packaging will enable successful food residuals recovery.… Read More

Green Matter: Bio-based Plastics Stand Up to Sustainability Scrutiny

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Plastics Today, April 27, 2012 A new study published by the Journal of Cleaner Production has attempted to evaluate the sustainability of availability of bioplastics based on criteria from 12 principles compiled by the Sustainable Biomaterials Collaborative. The study, “Sustainability of bio-based plastics: general comparative analysis and recommendations for improvement,” used criteria including the pesticide use, use … Read More

Recycling PLA Webinar

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Polylactic acid (PLA) is a plant-based plastic resin with applications in a wide range of nondurable and durable products from take-out food service items to textiles. PLA can be composted at industrial sites and is technically mechanically and chemically recyclable. One obstacle to PLA recovery is its current low volumes in recycling streams. This makes installation … Read More

Compostable Plastic Bags: A Glance of What’s Packed in the Bag

Compostable plastic bags are increasingly used to collect food scraps for composting. Their main benefit? Removing the “ick factor” associated with collecting food residuals by keeping collection containers clean and odors at bay, while also breaking down at the composting site. Unfortunately, many plastic bag makers claim that their products are “biodegradable” or environmentally preferable in … Read More

Sustainable Biomaterials: Criteria, Benefits, Challenges & Market-Based Tools

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The development of bioplastics and other biobased materials holds great promise to mitigate many of the problems associated with plastic derived from nonrenewable sources. However, they are not an automatic panacea. In this presentation, Brenda Platt shares the Sustainable Biomaterials Collaborative’s efforts to promote market-based tools such as purchasing guidelines and Working Landscape Certificates.… Read More

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