The Data Says That Privatization is Worse

The next time a privateer tells you how awful government is and how wonderful private corporations are, send him a copy of In the Public Interest’s one pager, Five Myths About Privatization.  Complete with footnoted sources, it is a refreshing rejoinder to the non-footnoted narrative that has regrettably come to define the American zeitgeist. For a … Read More

Post Offices: Too Important To Be Stamped Out

Star Tribune, April 9, 2012 In this piece in the Star Tribune David Morris speaks out on the need to stop the tidal wave of post office closings that will occur when the Post Office’s self-imposed moratorium ends in mid May. Last year, 3,600 communities, about 90 in Minnesota, were notified that they’ll probably lose their … Read More

Why Voter Photo ID Is Wrongheaded In One Page

This one page flyer from the ACLU cuts to the heart of the issue. For example, “Despite a massive investigation by voter ID proponents, there were only 160 voter eligibility violation cases filed in 2011, and only 140 convictions. All of which were felons voting before they were eligible. 2,700,000 votes were cast in 2010 primary … Read More

Data Finds Arizona Private Prisons Are Poor Investment. Arizona Responds By No Longer Collecting Data

Since 1987, Arizona’s Department of Corrections has been legislatively mandated to produce cost and quality reviews for its private prisons, in part to judge how they compare with state-run facilities. The data on costs were collected, but in recent years, it took a lawsuit by the American Friends Service Committee (AFSC) for the Department of Corrections … Read More

A Real World Answer to Justice Scalia

In all other industrialized nations people who get sick get medical care without fear of the financial consequences of medical expenses.  They may have to pay for insurance or they may pay in taxes, but no matter how poor a family is, its members health care is covered. But not in the United States.  In the … Read More

Fed Report Says Break Up The Big Banks

One more report decrying the scale and potential for mischief of our large banks might pass unnoticed except for its source: the Federal Reserve System, the oversight wing of large banks. When the regulatory center of capitalism blows the whistle on the actual center of capitalism that’s big news.  In the lead essay of a new … Read More

Boston Community Capital Shows the Way on Foreclosures

While the nation’s biggest banks, with a taxpayer bailout of more than $2.5 trillion and counting, continue to refuse to write down the principal on a mortgage to allow people to stay in their homes, Boston Community Capital (BCC) is showing what is possible.  This small non profit is buying houses out of foreclosure, selling them … Read More

David Morris in Discussion about Corporate Mergers on Marc Steiner Show

David Morris
in a discussion on what it means to a community when its major
financial and corporate institutions are swallowed up by national and
international mergers.  With University of Baltimore professor Richard Clinch and Baltimore Sun business reporter Jay Hancock – Broadcast on the Marc Steiner Show, WYPR.
Read More

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