Give Ethanol a Chance: The Case for Corn-Based Fuel

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Working Assets is my long-distance phone company. I love it dearly for its combination of business efficiency, social responsibility and progressive politics.

Each month, my phone bill carries alerts that urge me to take action on a specific issue or two. Recent Citizen Actions suggest the gravity of the issues chosen: "Save Our Constitution," "Impeach Dick Cheney," "Close Guantanamo."

This month Working Assets urged me to "Say No to Ethanol."

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Al Gore’s Carbon Solution Won’t Stop Climate Change

At the Oscars, former Vice President Al Gore and megastar actor Leonardo DiCaprio informed a billion viewers that this was the first"green Oscar," at least with respect to global warming. The hosts had purchased sufficient greenhouse gas offsets to allow them to free the event of any responsibility for increasing greenhouse gases.

Twodays later, Al Gore and emission offsets were again in the news when reports circulated that his Nashville house consumed 20 times more energy than a typical house. His spokesman responded: The Gore family had purchased green electricity and carbon offsets in sufficient quantities to render the house’s net contribution to global warming as zero.

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Report: The New Ethanol Future Demands a New Public Policy

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The New Ethanol Future Demands a New Public Policy by David Morris, Vice President Institute for Local Self-Reliance (ILSR) June 21, 2006 This document is an expanded version of “An Ear for the Market,” an opinion piece published in the … Read More

The Culture Thief

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Cultural protection laws allow many countries to encourage local creations–such as films–that might otherwise disappear in the face of Hollywood’s hunger for global markets. Even with the laws, most countries’ own films only account for a small percentage of the entertainment dollar. Still, the U.S. distributors call the laws a barrier to trade. By Simona Fuma Shapiro… Read More

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