As big banks stay stingy with mortgage money, small community banks fill in the gap

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Allentown Morning Call, January 24, 2014 As the largest banks in the country lose market share in the residential lending sector, small community banks are picking up the slack. According to some experts, that’s good for the economy and the homebuyer. The largest mortgage lenders, Wells Fargo and JPMorgan Chase have slashed residential lending. At Wells … Read More

Small Businesses Figure Heavily in Goldman Sachs’ PR, But Not its Portfolio

By Stacy Mitchell and David Morris For years Goldman Sachs gave only a tiny fraction of its profits, less than 1 percent, to charity.  Then the depression hit and the huge bank was in the public’s crosshairs for its role in that collapse and the billions it continued to give out in bonuses. Even as millions … Read More

Pagosa Springs Community Development Corporation Advisor Sherry Waner To Speak

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Pagosa Daily Post, July 24, 2013 The Pagosa Springs Community Development Corporation (CDC) has appointed a Board of Advisors (Advisors) that are involved in a wide variety of roles driving our community forward.  Most of them touch deliverables in our Community Development Action Plan (CDAP) approved by the Archuleta County Board of County Commissioners (BOCC). The … Read More

Banking on the Public Going Postal, North Dakota, and Other Finance Alternatives

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Dollars & Sense, June 13, 2013 Hundreds of people seeking a roadmap for remaking the banking system gathered north of San Francisco in early June at Public Banking 2013: Funding the New Economy, a conference held at Dominican University, whose Green MBA program was a cosponsor. It was the second annual gathering sponsored by the Public … Read More

Yes, We Can Have Banks That Work for the People

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Huffiington Post, March 29, 2013 We all know the banking system is broken. It’s easy to become pessimistic in the face of corporate and political corruption, but the system can be changed. We’ve done it before, and we can do it again. One pathway to genuine reform is “public banking”: the establishment of banks which are … Read More

Free Checking is Rare at Big Banks, Common at Small

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While just 24 percent of big banks offer totally free checking, more than 60 percent of credit unions and small banks do, according to a new report from the U.S. Public Interest Research Group. The report also found that credit unions and small banks have lower fees on average and do a better job of disclosing fees to prospective customers.… Read More

Portland Credit Unions: Local Alternatives to Big Banks

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Neighborhood Notes, November 25, 2012 Portland’s Occupy movement and like-minded activists around the nation have highlighted, using various methods, the benefits of transitioning from big banking to small during the last 12 months. And while some 6 million Americans have switched “their banking business from corporate-level, for-profit banking institutions to not-for-profit credit unions that strive to … Read More

Too Big to Lend

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A critical function of our banking system is financing small businesses. But big banks are doing a rotten job of it. At the nation’s largest banks, small business lending has plunged 33% since 2009. Trying to cajole or compel them to do more won’t make much difference because the problem is largely inherent to their scale.… Read More

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