Building Community Broadband Access Policy Brief

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ILSR and the Center for Popular Democracy now offer the Building Community Access Policy Brief.

We teamed up with CPD to bring you a fact sheet that succinctly describes our country’s problem with unequal access to broadband. The fact sheet also offers basic solutions that can facilitate development of publicly owned networks.

In addition to offering strategies, this fact sheet provides examples from the 400+ publicly owned networks that now offer some form of connectivity in the U.S. This ILSR/CPD Policy Brief is meant to be shared with advocates, legislators, or anyone interested in furthering democracy through better connectivity.

Download a PDF and share it.

logo-center-for-popular-democracyThe Center for Popular Democracy promotes equity, opportunity, and a dynamic democracy in partnership with innovative community-based organizations, elected officials, local and state networks, and progressive unions across the country. We work with our allies to design, pass, and implement cutting-edge state and local policies that deliver tangible benefits for working families.

We are pleased to collaborate with CPD to create this informative resource.

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Read ongoing coverage related to these networks at ILSR’s site devoted to Community Broadband Networks.  You can also subscribe to a once-per-week email with stories about community broadband networks.

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