Brenda Platt Shares the Transformative Potential of Community Composting Via Foodtank

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In the News: Brenda Platt 

July 29, 2019

Media Outlet: Foodtank 

ILSR’s Composting for Community initiative director, Brenda Platt, details the growing community composting movement and the big impact it’s having on the U.S. waste system via FoodTank. Brenda also shares how small-scale composting can help build community and help local economies thrive.

Here’s an excerpt:

If every school, correctional facility, and university had composting systems on-site, we wouldn’t need a 50-acre site to work on food waste diversion. Smaller sites are faster to build and lower in cost, and the result would go back to local soils,” Platt tells Food Tank.

Read the full story here. 

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