Building Local Power Highlight: People Love Local Food. Yet Local Farmers are Disappearing. What’s Going On?

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ILSR’s Building Local Power podcast offers thought-provoking conversations and new ideas for breaking the hold of corporate monopolies and expanding the power of communities to chart their own future. In this miniseries, we return to our archive and share highlights from some of our most insightful conversations.

Episode 65: People Love Local Food. Yet Local Farms are Disappearing. What’s Going On? 

Leah Douglas is a reporter at Reuters covering the politics of food, agriculture, and the environment. Douglas discusses how the poultry industry is structured by contract production, how dairy farms are the bedrock for many rural communities, and Earl Butz’s conviction for farmers to plant “fence row to fence row” to enable economic food production. 

Want to hear the rest of the conversation? Find the full episode here.

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