Chart: Bank Market Share, 2014.

Bank Market Share by Size of Institution, 1995 to 2014

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In the 20-year period between 1995 and 2014, giant banks have come to dominate the banking sector.

As these six graphs illustrate, in 1995, small banks, medium banks, large banks, and giant banks all had a roughly even share of the market, with giant banks controlling the smallest slice, at 17%.

Now, that’s changed dramatically. By 2014, the market share of the biggest banks had expanded to 59%, and the top four largest banks alone controlled 38% of the market — more than all of the small-sized banks and credit unions and all of the mid-sized banks and credit unions combined. To view this change as an animated video, go here.

Graph: Bank Market Share, 1995.

Graph: Bank Market Share, 2000.

Graph: Bank Market Share, 2005.

Graph: Bank Market Share, 2007.

Graph: Bank Market Share, 2011.

Graph: Bank Market Share, 2014.

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