Support the 5th Annual National Cultivating Community Composting Forum!

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Support the 5th National Cultivating Community Composting (CCC) Forum and Best Practices in Community Composting Workshop. Contributions will primarily cover our scholarship fund, but also our networking reception, printed agendas/materials, and other direct expenses. The scholarship fund will help us bring more community composters to the event.

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Community Development Block Grants Aid Connectivity In Nelson County, VA

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This article was written by Community Broadband Networks initiative intern, Kate Svitavsky. Publicly owned Internet infrastructure is typically funded with revenue grants, interdepartmental loans, or through avoided costs at the local level. Part of the planning and infrastructure costs, however, can sometimes be covered by state and federal grants known as Community Development Block Grants (CDBG). Nelson … Read More

Colorado Conversation: New ILSR Podcast!

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In early November, voters in 26 additional Colorado communities chose to opt out of SB 152. The state’s restrictive law took away local telecommunications authority in 2005. The results in many of the towns and counties were overwhelming majorities – loud and clear in favor of local authority. Now, 95 local communities across the state have … Read More

Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals Reverses FCC In Disappointing Ruling

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Disappointing news from the U.S. Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals today as the Court chooses to reverse the FCC’s February 2015 preemption order that peeled back restrictive state laws in Tennessee and North Carolina. We have the opinion for you to download and review. We consider the Sixth Circuit’s decision disappointing, incorrect, and we hope the … Read More

Liberty and the Farm: Internet Access

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The 4th of July invites us to celebrate the accomplishments of our country. But, 23 million people in rural areas remain without high-speed Internet access. Rural areas cannot stay unconnected. Agriculture has become a high-tech endeavor, and high-speed Internet access is necessary. Cooperatives, those democratic institutions formed by rural farmers years ago, are becoming an answer. … Read More

Blue Ribbon Panel: The Public and Private Sectors Working Together

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Like electricity in the last century, advanced communications services and capabilities can become the drivers and enablers of simultaneous progress in economic development, education, government services, digital equity, and just about everything else that matters most to our communities. This Blue Ribbon Panel explores the challenges of establishing effective partnerships to bring better connectivity to local … Read More

Minnesota Broadband Grant Program Gets Funded, Issues Remain

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The Minnesota Legislature has just approved $35 million for the Border-to-Border Broadband Development Grant program for fiscal year 2017, the largest annual appropriation in the initiative’s two-year-old history. But the Legislature’s action still falls short of dramatically helping bring universal, high-speed Internet connectivity to all non-metro Minnesotans. Try to find a Representative or Senator that doesn’t … Read More

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