Now You Can Recycle While Online Shopping

If you are looking to shop for unique goods without feeling guilty, Kuttlefish is the ecommerce site for you! Kuttlefish offers a platform for sellers and buyers of upcycled and recycled goods. Products only qualify to be sold on Kuttlefish if they meet their material origin promise. The promise requires that at least 5% of the … Read More

A Look Into CERO Cooperative & the Waste Stream

CERO Cooperative, Inc. was founded as a means to create environmentally friendly jobs for Boston’s underemployed and unemployed populations. Activists, joined by the Boston Workers Alliance and the MassCOSH Immigrant Worker Center, came together in recognition of a market opportunity in an emerging green economy. After learning about the planned state organic waste ban, they began … Read More

Valuing Overlooked Resources Improves Life In Chicago: The Resource Center

Overview One organization in Chicago has figured out how to extract value from resources that the economy deems useless. The Resource Center works by coupling valuable resources that would otherwise become trash with valuable workers who would otherwise be unemployed. Their work ultimately minimizes the waste the city produces and creates good jobs that enhance the … Read More

Ideal Redesign: The European Street Design Challenge

Every year since 2010, teams of highly skilled designers from all over the world have competed to find the best solutions to urban challenges in major European cities such as Paris, Amsterdam and Saint Petersburg. This competition is the heart of the European Street Design Challenge. With the cooperation of local government officials, areas within the … Read More

City Level Waste Management Franchise Rights: Rancho Mirage Court Case Summary

Date: 13 Jun 2017 | posted in: waste - zero waste, Waste to Wealth | 0 Facebooktwitterredditmail

Overview Twenty-three years ago the Supreme Court of California reviewed the California Integrated Waste Management Act of 1989 for the first time in City of Rancho Mirage and Waste Management of the Desert v. Palm Springs Recycling Center, Inc. In a 5-2 decision the court ruled that the Act, which allows the city to give exclusive … Read More