Anti Incineration Update from European Union

Date: 10 Sep 2019 | posted in: Waste to Wealth | 0 Facebooktwitterredditmail

The European Union has taken another step away from garbage incineration. Garbage incineration is not a sustainable business practice. It has excluded this technology as “it harms waste prevention, recycling and the circular economy” according to Circular Economy EU legislation.

“The proposed Taxonomy finally provides a unified definition of what is ‘green’ across green financial products, leading to more accountability and transparency.”

See, Burning News: Waste-to-Energy is not sustainable as it harms the Circular Economy at

Zero Waste Europe points out that the report can be useful facing up to EU member countries trying to sell incineration in the Global South, to reveal their double standards and debunk the EU incineration myth. The report can also help communities fight local proposals for new garbage incinerators.

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