Alert From California Coalition Opposed to Plastic Industry Recycling Program

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Say NO! To AB 1659: California Legislation Proposed by Manufacturers of Plastic Products

ILSR has joined California allies opposed to plastic industry sponsored recycling Bill 1659.

The bill proposes meek solutions to the growing problem of plastic pollution in the urban, rural and ocean environments. Among the concerns of the coalition1 are:

  • AB 1659 only addresses end-of-life management of these items, recycling, rather than focusing on source reduction and innovation.
  • This bill is wholly voluntary and does not hold manufacturers accountable for achieving recycling targets….(A)llowing an industry stewardship organization to set its own recycling goals and structure the program on their own has not been a recipe for success. This voluntary approach is inconsistent with that taken by many of California’s communities, and could prove to be a barrier to the adoption of stronger policies.
  • While this bill would mandate for manufacturers to pay a small fee to fund recycling infrastructure improvements, litter abatement, and storm water control programs, it is not enough. The financial burden will continue to be on cities and counties, including taxpayers….

The plastic industry wants to recycle first, when that is the last thing we need to do. The first priorities are prevention, reduction, and reuse and if necessary, ban. Already, “California has effectively eliminated many plastic problem products where recycling efforts have proven insufficient. Let’s continue to be a leader(s).”

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Any Questions? Genevieve Abedon at or (916) 448-1015

  1. Abedon is a member of the Save the Albatross Coalition, chaired by Captain Charles Moore, Algalita Marine Research and Education and Neil Seldman, Institute for Local Self-Reliance. The Coalition is a project of Zero Waste USA.

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