Lisa Gonzalez researches and reports on telecommunications and how municipal networks impact life on the local level. She very much enjoys the opportunity to translate complex and potentially confusing details into information that others can understand and use, regardless of the topic.

Before joining ILSR, Lisa worked on the staff of the Minnesota House of Representatives. Like most legislative staff, Lisa was directly and indirectly involved in a broad range of policy issues, including public safety, taxes, zoning, commerce, education, and technology. Lisa is an occasional Twin Cities citizen journalist, having covered community gardening, stadium issues, public schools, and crafting trends. She has also written for the web as an attorney content author and blogger and spent several years working in the legal field. Lisa has published numerous crochet and knitting designs for others to enjoy and you may spot her at local craft shows. In addition to her Juris Doctor from St. Paul’s William Mitchell College of Law, Lisa has a Bachelor’s degree in Theatre from the University of Minnesota.

Lisa is the co-author with Christopher Mitchell of two ILSR case studies, Chanute’s Gig: One Rural Kansas Community’s Tradition of Innovation Led to a Gigabit and Ubiquitous Wireless Coverage and Florida Fiber: Martin County Saves Big With Gigabit Network In addition to contributing to and, Lisa produces ILSR’s Broadband Bits podcast.