6 Podcasts for Inspirational Sharing Solutions On-The-Go

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Shareable – October 24, 2016

by Maira Sutton

4. Local Energy Rules

This twice-monthly podcast is about successful locally-owned renewable energy projects and the barriers that hinder their expansion. The show is produced by the Institute for Local Self-Reliance (ILSR) as part of their Energy Democracy initiative. Each episode features an interview with a different leader in the local renewable energy movement and demonstrates how sustainable energy and people power can come together to revitalize local economies.

Listen online: https://ilsr.org/local-energy-rules-podcast-homepage


5. Community Broadband Bits

Also from the great folks at ILSR, Community Broadband Bits is a weekly podcast that interviews people building or advocating for municipal broadband networks in the United States. Guests include community organizers, city officials, and other experts who discuss their ideas and strategies for creating broadband infrastructure that will help democratize Internet access for all.

Listen online: https://muninetworks.org/broadbandbits

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