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Distributed Renewable Energy Under Fire

| Written by John Farrell | No Comments | Updated on Mar 19, 2014 The content that follows was originally published on the Institute for Local Self-Reliance website at

placeholderI developed this map as a side project while I was working on explaining the value of solar and its potential role in addressing conflicts between utilities and customers over distributed renewable energy like solar. I’ve received several updates since it was originally published, so here’s the updated map.

freedom to generate under fire ILSR 2015-0325

For some context on the contention about the costs and benefits of distributed renewable energy, see this compilation report from the Rocky Mountain Institute.


Sources (mostly the excellent, thorough folks at IREC):

Arizona – net metering fees added (2013)

California – cost/benefit study of net metering in progress (2013)

Colorado – net metering preserved after utility suggested DG producers need grid more than expected (2014)

Georgia – PSC staff recommend against proposed net metering fee (2013)

Hawaii – Utilities claim distribution circuits are too full for more solar (2014)

Idaho – Idaho Power proposals to weaken net metering voided (2013)

Iowa – Iowa district court overturns utility opposition to solar power purchase agreements, but utility not backing down (2013)

Kansas – net metering significantly curtailed in compromise to avoid complete loss (2014), fixed charges proposed (2015)

Louisiana – proposed net metering fees struck down (2013), but PUC selects unfriendly consultant to evaluate solar costs/benefits (2015)

Minnesota – utilities fight accurate environmental, fuel cost, and other values of solar in stakeholder proceedings (2013)

Missouri – utilities wanting to raise fixed charges, despite evidence net metering saves all customers money (2015)

New Mexico – PNM proposes fees on solar producers (2015)

New York – state senate bill S.6357-c includes ALEC-written language for study on costs/benefits of net metering (2014)

Nevada – net metering study reveals that utility was wrong, solar is a cost saver for NV Energy (2014)

North Carolina – Duke Energy wants to pay wholesale, not retail rates (2014)

Oklahoma – The world’s dumbest idea: Taxing solar energy (2014)

Oregon – PUC workshop on solar incentive rates (2014)

Texas – CPS Energy makes revisions to solar-energy fees (2014)

Utah – Rocky Mountain Power proposes additional net metering fees (2014)

Virginia – After adding standby fees to net metered projects in 2011, Dominion Power blocks multi-family net metering bill (2014)

Washington – utilities want to double monthly fixed charge (2013)

West Virginia – net metering cap added, instructs PUC to avoid cross subsidies (2015)

Wisconsin – a Wisconsin utility changes net metering from retail to wholesale rates (2013)

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