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With your help we’ve grown from a Washington, DC, community group to a national voice for vibrant local economies. Today we continue to provide cutting edge advocacy, research, and technical assistance to the growing movement for a new economy. We could not have reached this moment without you and we are honored to have partnered with amazing organizations and coalitions from around the nation. Please join us as we celebrate 40 years of building a new economy from the ground up.

Some kind words…

As ILSR celebrates its 40th birthday — the exact span of my own broadcast journalism — I can think of no other citizen’s group whose work and witness during these four decades has done more to spark the courage, clarity, and conviction needed to save our social contract from the behemoths and bullies who would shred it.

Bill Moyers
journalist, host of PBS show Moyers & Company, former White House press secretary



 Thank you for partnering with us to create a sustainable, just economy that works for all!